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The Outlaw
Here is where your going to find out about me,where I started my training,when I wrestled my first show and with who,and the people I know and respect in this business. And How I first got called the Hardcore Cowboy.

The History of The Outlaw Cody West
I've always wanted to be a wrestler since I was a kid and now I am living a dream and I want to share it with you all. In Nov 99. I heard about a school in San Bernadino called The School of Hard Knocks, it was ran by Jessie Hernandez and Bill Anderson. I called and talked to Bill and found out when I would be able to start training and he told me, as soon as I wanted to I could. Jessie and Bill were both great, they gave me the chance I was looking for. After some time Jessie and Bill parted ways and I went on to continue my training with Bill at his new school, Bill Andersons School of Wrestling. Now for some of you that know what went on, I did not jump ship I went with the promise of working shows every week, thats the nature of this business, you go where the work is. I do have to say I have NO bad thoughts about Jessie or his school and I would come and work his shows if he ever wanted me to. While I was with Bill and the IWC I got the chance to work my first match on April 21,2000 with The Stallion Lee Steel. I would love to tell you all that the match was great but I won't, I still needed to learn alot more about working a match and in time I learned.

I could not tell you how many matches I have had 'cause I lost count but it's some where around the 60's to 70's. I have worked with alot a people along the way and I respect them all. There are a few persons that I have to give thanx to and thats The Future Frankie Kazaran, if he would not have made me work so hard when I was ready to give up I don't think I would be here today. Los Cubinitos Ricky and Rocky, you guys taught me a lot and I will never forget those leasons. And Last but not least Under Pressure, Brutha what can I say but Thanx, "You The Man"!

Where I got The Name

I was in a bind, I could not think of a name or a gimic. Jessie and Bill told me to think of a gimic that I could play-off really good but I could only come up with the name Cody West. Something was wrong with it, it had no catch to it,nothing to make it exciting. I was stuck! I was talking to Frankie a while later and he says,"How about The Outlaw Cody West" it was like turning on a light and there it was, The birth of The Outlaw Cody West!

Now the name "The Hardcore Cowboy" came when I got booked for a hardcore match with the IWC, so I thought about a way to make it look like I ment business when I went out to the ring and got a new shirt. On the back of the shirt it said "Bad As Hell" and "Hardcore Cowboy". Well since then it has stuck and I dont mind it at all.